Asante - Bildung für Kinder in Kenia

“Vision of Hope for the less Fortunate”

Magodo Children’s Home and Magodo Complex Center was founded by Musa M. Keya in 1990. Its main objective is to assist the less fortunate children with vulnerable backgrounds in the society.  The Home and Center are located in Nairobi province in Eastlands Nairobi, Makadara district, Uhuru Phase 3, along, Rabai Road.  

Currently, there are over 80 orphaned and abandoned children.  The Childrens’ Home offers shelter, food, clothing, medical care, rehabilitation and education. The complex Centre offers education – primary school (from grade 1 to 8), non-formal  education, i.e., vocational training, technical   training, HIV/AIDS  campaigns, feeding  programs,  medical,  clothing, sports, rehabilitation and  counseling  at  the  Center and  through house-to-house outreach  programs, seminars,  workshops  etc.


It serves  500 non-residential  vulnerable  destitute  and  orphans  living with relatives in the nearby slum, and 80  residential  vulnerable  orphans and destitute  children  of  Magodo  Children's  Home and serves  the  community  at  large.

When a child comes to Magodo Children's Home, we want them to have a sense of security and continuity. We provide them with all the tools to become self-reliant, confident and emotionally stable when they come of age.



Magodo Children’s home shall provide an array of hope for the less fortunate vulnerable children. These will include orphaned, abandoned, defiled, abused and neglected cases.




Provide and facilitate provision of basic needs i.e. food, shelter, clothing to the needy and vulnerable children. Further meet their recreational, emotional, spiritual and psychological needs according to our ability.